I decided to Download Brawl Stars for PC

Have you ever wanted to play your favorite mobile games on a larger screen?  Well, there are different apps out there that will allow you to connect your phone to a computer so that you can use it with a bigger screen, but unfortunately many of these apps come with a bit of latency that can make it very difficult to play games.  If you are tapping your screen and there is a split second difference between your tap and it registering on your computer screen, it can throw the entire game off and make it very difficult and frustrating to play.  This is why I have always wished that more mobile games were ported to PC, as I think a lot of us would enjoy being able to play some of these great games on our computers.  While most mobile games are not available as PC ports, you can now download Brawl Stars for PC

    Brawl Stars is an epic multiplayer online game that has grown in popularity with mobile gamers over the years.  It has great graphics, and provides fun, fast paced action for people of all ages.  It has been one of my favorite mobile games for years now, but I have always wished that they would come out with some sort of version of it for PC.  Well, when it was recently released for PC, I decided to download it immediately and check it out.

    One of my major concerns with the PC version was that there would not be enough PC players playing this version of the game, and so I was worried that I would struggle to find matches.  Thankfully, they have accounted for this, and you can actually play against mobile users on the PC version.  This cross-platform gameplay is very important for a game like this because you need to have opponents if you are going to be able to enjoy the game at all.  The fact that I never had any trouble finding a match on the PC version just proves that the developers took the steps necessary in order to make sure that this was an excellent port of the mobile game.

download Brawl Stars for PC

    The 3v3 option is still available on the PC version, and that is important because the team battles were always my favorite part of the mobile game.  It is so much fun being able to team up with other players from all around the world in order to enter into epic team battles, and this option is still available on the PC version.

    Basically, all of the fun that you had on the mobile version is right here and available to you with the PC version, so if you enjoy the mobile game, there is no reason at all why you would not enjoy the PC version of the game.  I definitely recommend this version to anyone who enjoys the mobile game, as it gives you all of the fun of the original, it is just bigger.