Getting Your Picky Rabbit to Eat Dry Food with Their Meals

You love your little bunny rabbit because its soft fur and sweet temperament make owning a pet a joy. You might have notice that your little bundle of fur likes certain foods and not others. Well rabbits are like people in that respect seeing as how we all have different taste preferences. With dry food it can sometimes be a challenge to find pellets that are to your rabbits liking.

High Quality Dry Rabbit Food

You might not be in as much of a pickle as you thought if you’re frustrated that your rabbit isn’t eating enough in the way of dry food. You don’t have to force it down their mouth because there happens to be timothy hay based formula rabbit food available on Amazon. This is an oxbow adult rabbit food review that explains why this brand is really the best around.

If you are looking for small pellets that are softer than generic brands and easier to chew than this is the brand you’re going to want to check out online. The key behind the food being softer to chew is due to the fact that oxbow is pelleted from the source which is the farm and comes out to market with a fresher taste than more generic brands.

The nutrient density in oxbow adult rabbit formula is rich in the right amounts of ingredients that your rabbit needs to thrive. You can check for the major nutrients your rabbit needs which you’ll find this oxbow adult rabbit food review mentions like dietary fiber, protein, and vitamins. Which vitamins specifically you might ask? Well there’s just the right balance of calcium and phosphorus.

A Balanced Diet for Your Bunny

As great as it is to be able to give your bunny the dry food it needs you won’t want to just feed it dry food. You might want to stock up on fresh leafy vegetables that you mix up and serve to your rabbit. This is how you keep their fur looking shiny and how you keep their spirits up. Everyone loves a joyful bunny so it’s up to you to make sure they are getting all the proper nutrients they need.

oxbow adult rabbit food review

When you get your bunny to eat their greens and take their dry pellets why not offer them some fruit for dessert? Bunnies usually like to munch on anything sweet like strawberries, grapes, and even mangoes. Just be sure you give your bunny fruit by itself because sometimes you might find they don’t digest the mixture of dry pellets, veggies and fruit together as well.

With a little luck, patience, and oxbow adult rabbit food, you’ll have the happiest rabbit with a bounce in its step. There’s nothing quite like having that little furry face looking up at you once it’s well fed as if to say, “I love you.” Do your bunny rabbit a huge favor and give it the best quality dry food you can find!